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A whole new house at a fraction of the price

The longer you live in your home, little quirks that you first found charming start to get under your skin. All those bedrooms, but no closet space. Your tired old dining room, living room, and kitchen, that have long out lived their functionality. Your bathroom that is old and in need of updating.


Trading houses can be pricey, so why not save tens of thousands, and just exchange looks? New exterior siding, your first master bedroom, even those fancy kitchen cabinets and counter tops you've always craved!

You know how house projects grow. What started as a plan to remodel your kitchen ends with your needing a sun porch. Happily, we can help with both decks and additions.

House need a new look? Call us to remodel a room or your whole home.


Choosing Cromer Design & Constrution will make your home renovation fun. Rather than having to keep track of whose turn it is — perhaps the painter, the carpenter, or the electrician — you just need to memorize 1 phone number: 864-224-1770. Remodeling is always a multi-stage process. We schedule every step with efficiency in mind so you'll get your rooms back as quickly as possible.


With only 1 contract to cover the entire remodel, our FREE consultation removes all the mystery from budgeting. You'll never have to juggle multiple contractors, budgets, and bills.

Tell us what you want your room to look like, then leave the details to us

The overall look of your home starts with how it looks from the street. A new roof or fresh siding can make your aging old home look brand new. Just as important, an exterior remodel gives you an opportunity to change your insulation, windows, and doors. Cromer Design & Construction will help you make energy-efficient choices that over time will save you thousands in energy bills.


Remember, we can also refresh the look outside your front door by adding decorative walls, or pouring new concrete sidewalks or pathways.

Your exterior remodel can look great, keep you comfy, and save energy

It's like hiring 9 contractors with only 1 phone call

  • Whole home remodeling

  • Interior walls and painting

  • Exterior siding

  • Asphalt or metal roofing and gutters

  • Plumbing and electrical

  • Windows and doors

  • Cabinets and carpentry

  • Wood floors, carpets, and tile

  • Rock and stone masonry and chimneys