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Land clearing and grading to suit your site

Cromer Design & Construction will prepare the land on your site carefully to meet your jobs specifications, and we’re happy to tackle any projects you have.  From removing one tree to grading or fill for the building and retention pond to paving parking lots.


Because we're also experts in residential and commercial construction and remodeling, we know how to prepare your site best for the work that happens next.

If you need your site cleared and graded, you're probably preparing for a new home or business. Let us build that too. We'll make sure that your site prep matches what's coming.

For fast site preparation, tree and stump removal, and dirt hauling, call:


When you start picturing loaders, graders, bulldozers, and scoop shovels, you tend to think mass destruction. Running over everything in sight has its place, but if you're building a home in the midst of a beautiful old-growth woods, we'll do our very best to preserve the natural landmarks that made your building site special in the first place.


What else can you get if you hire us to put up your new home as well, it's in our interest as well as yours to keep your site as pristine as possible. After all, we have to clean everything up when we're done!

You can clear away your worries while we clear your land

When you're considering a big new construction project, your biggest concern may be how to juggle all the balls you must keep in the air. Frankly, it's exhausting. To guide an entire team of construction pros successfully, you need to be an expert in all of their fields. Do you have time for that? Your expertise is better spent on guiding your family or running your own business.


As a full service construction contractor, Cromer Design & Construction solves this problem. We'll oversee every aspect of your job, so we can answer directly all the questions you may have.

Why hassle with lots of companies when you simply can hire the best one?

Put our versatile land management fleet to work for you

  • Land clearing

  • New home site preparation

  • Commercial building preparation

  • Dirt hauling and placement

  • Dirt and debris removal

  • Tree and stump removal

  • Stone hauling and placement

  • Filling land

  • Landscaping preparation